Car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Outstanding fFlotation Ability

Version TZ supplied with a 6-cylinder V-engine in volume of 3.4 l and a rear pneumatic suspender with electronic control H 8-TEMS +, makes impression of “the reduced edition most high quality model Cygnus. Quality of an interior is at level of the mobile car detailing of representation class Toyota Crown, and sensation from equal driving with a pneumatic suspender such what absolutely cannot be tested on sedans and minivans. As it is known, the long body has 7 places located in 3 numbers, therefore those who thinks of a high quality minivan, like Nissan Elgrand or Toyota Alphard, necessarily should add to them Prado alternatively. It does not concede to them even in sensation from driving on road.

Besides, unexpectedly good impression has made truncated 3-dvernyj a variant. The body and a wheelbase became shorter, but the space for feet before a rear seat has not changed almost in comparison with a 5-door variant. If to sit down on a rear seat the place will appear marvellously spacious, as in a 5-door variant. Because of reduction of length and weight the course became easier, it makes the impression which is absolutely distinct from a sedan and the versatile person, and the set of speed amazes with speed. Right now, when has passed boom on off-road cars of the average size, it it will be good to look as the personal car for fans of a life on the nature.

On present demonstration running in Toyota has prepared a test strip, including a rocky ground and the abrupt bias close to 30 degrees. The author of these lines, being the perfect layman in off-road characteristics, has been surprised, when have shown, how it is easy Prado, supplied with the active monitoring system of pull-rod and system DAC, without any technics overcomes mountain road, on which with a roar the big stones, and an abrupt downslope slide, which seems a vertical wall if to look from above.

Besides, thanks to automatic brakes for movement under a bias (DAC), followed for a descent control system under a bias (HDC) companies Land Rover, the car on foot speed has gone down from such abrupt downslope that I have thought: «for what would not go on it without a severe need!» . Without having skills and the experience, allowing precisely to estimate off-road characteristics Prado, I have felt that for this reason to cars Land Cruiser trust all over the world.

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